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01 August

Tales from the Vicarage book

We heard recently that we have been chosen as the adopted charity for the new edition which is due to be issued in November.  Tales from the Vicarage (TftV) is a fantastic book which charts stories from ex Watford FC players and key people involved with the club. 

There have been at least 5 issues and they are very popular with WFC fans and seen as a key part in capturing memories of the club’s history.  The book has become so popular a launch event is held at the Palace Theatre with ex players and they sell out within hours.  Adam Leventhal who over sees the whole production contacted Rita Taylor and family to ask them which charity they would like proceeds to be donated to and they replied to say KitAid.  This is a huge honour for us as the book will be dedicated to Graham.

Adam, who is also a Sky Sports News presenter has attended a boxing up session and is interested in our work.  We have also been invited to attend the launch evening and all attendees will be asked to bring any unwanted kit along on the evening. 

A definite must for any Watford fans Christmas reading list!