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01 June

Award Submissions

Although we tend not to shout about our achievements I am keen that all of our hard work is recognised from time to time. There are not many awards that we can enter as such a small charity, and when we do, we are always up against the big well known charities who have full time staff who can produce super glossy submissions.  
Many thanks to Jo Heaton who has come to our rescue by producing a couple of great submissions for the Charity Times and Third Sector awards.  We actually won the Third Sector “small charity/big achiever” award in 2006 when we were achieving substantially less than we now are.  I will attach the Charity Times submission for info as I think it is a good read and it summarises our achievements really well.
Fingers crossed that the judges can see what we achieve on a miniscule budget entirely with volunteers and hopefully we will be short listed.  Watch this space.