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Proud. That’s an understatement! 

KitAid is swelling with pride and joy at having kitted out more than 200,000 underprivileged children and youths from all corners of the globe with their very own football kit.

Since KitAid began 15 years ago, a constant delivery of donated kits have continued to find its way around the globe. That’s an incredible amount of football kit – the equivalent of two Wembley Stadiums full of kit recipients. It really would be a glorious sight to fill Wembley Stadium twice with all these delighted youngsters . Can you imagine that capacity crowd of kids coming together, filling every seat, every row, every box at the stadium? Can you imagine asking all those individuals just one simple question - “What does your kit mean to you?”

The answer would perhaps come in the form of a smile. It is very likely that 200,000 golden, contented smiles would unfold around the stadiums like a huge unstoppable
Mexican wave. If smiles could power the floodlights of the stadium, they would certainly shine bright.

That is the power of KitAid. KitAid is undoubtedly playing its part in kitting out the world!