If you have ever wondered how a boxing up session works, or how we transport so much kit across the world, then take a look at our fantastic new film clip.

We would like to thank Middlesex University for their help in making the film and we are sure you will agree, it is a great job. It was filmed at a recent boxing up session when we had a number of different charities collecting kit, and they have all explained what it means to them and the kit recipients.

Our boxing up sessions are amazing, as in less than 3 hours we often sort and pack between 3 – 4,000 individual items of kit. They run like clockwork and even people who are attending for the first time are off and running really quickly. They are also good fun and a great way of meeting some very interesting people. If you would like to come along then drop us an email at kitaid@affinitywater.co.uk and we will let you know the date, etc.

One of our most unusual sources of footballs is from our friend Terry Oliver who is a very keen kayaker. Terry regularly finds balls floating on the river Trent that have probably caused the owner much distress when they see their prized football floating away from them.

Little do they know that Terry carefully scoops them up, takes them home, washes them in detergent and then passes them on to us once he has a bumper bundle. We then find a new home for them thousands of miles away and they have a new life on a dusty parched field in Africa.

Well done Terry – this is one of our favourite stories and if only the kids who lose their balls knew they were giving happiness to another child on a different continent we are sure they would be pleased.