If you are a football team applying for a kit donation, please read the following.

As KitAid is just a small volunteer run charity with a very limited income, we do not send kit overseas ourselves. Instead, we act as the kit collecting agent and we partner with charities and individuals here in the UK who arrange for the kit we donate to be sent to Africa and beyond.  Each charity has to sign a “Partnership Agreement” with us, which commits them to getting the donated kit overseas at their expense. They also have to commit to providing photos and feedback once the kit has arrived. If this does not happen we will not work with the charity/individual again.

If you do have someone in the UK who can act for you and meet the Partnership Agreement conditions, please ask them to email us at kitaidcharity@gmail.com

We will then invite them to collect kit from us either in Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead or Liverpool.

Thank You


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  1. Isaac Offei
    Isaac Offei says:

    Please I’m a teacher in the Jaman North District of Ghana. My school is very young and lacks a lot of things including sports kits. We would be very much grateful if you could help us in that regard. Thanks and God bless you abundantly. Don’t not hesitate to ask any questions you seen necessary.

  2. Calvin mshikelwa Mulamba
    Calvin mshikelwa Mulamba says:

    I am writing on behalf of Jamii Youth Association (JYA) a community based organization founded in 2019, dedicated to improving the living conditions of disadvantage youths and other vulnerable people in Kakuma Refugee Camp, kenya.

    Jamii Youth Association is engaged in sport activities and Sexual Reproductive Health.

    Therefore,we would like to seek launching a partnership with your organization consisting of assistance and volunteer efforts.

    Thank you for your kind understanding and hoping to receive a positive response from your organization.

    Best Sincerely
    Calvin Mulamba
    JYA Director

  3. Usama
    Usama says:




    I won’t share with you some information about my acamdey and Football development work.

    This acamdey working for poor and homeless children
    And this acamdey need support from your organisation.

    100 Children played in this acamdey without kits shoes he much needed shoes kits to improvement in his game.

    First of all reply me and we talk more about acamdey and Football club

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon thank you.

  4. Molibeli Frantsi
    Molibeli Frantsi says:

    I am in Lesotho is the Southern part of Africa. I run a soccer club of about 30+ kids and all of these kids come from disadvantaged households, they cant afford to buy any kind of kit and i would appreciate it if we got help from KitAid.

  5. Patrick Mapalo
    Patrick Mapalo says:

    Hello! I work in the rural part of Zambia in the north. I was sharing with a friend in the UK about the needs to engage youths in the north of Zambia. That’s when they shared your work. I would like to know more on how you can assist us with soccer balls, jerseys, shorts & clients?

  6. Enough Mkatshwa
    Enough Mkatshwa says:

    Please help me I have a small boys they love soccer but I’m not have a kit please help improve this section 0765609330

  7. Daniel Iheka
    Daniel Iheka says:

    I’m Daniel as a senior coach in Nigeria, I love football so much, it bring joy to me,
    I also bring light to younger once who feel they have been neglected in life and that’s make me to build younger talented players to be encouraged and engaged to be fitted by making their dreams come reality.

    Group of teams are;

    Under 10, 26 players.
    Under 12, 26 players.
    Under 14, 26 players.

    Lacking of kits makes them uncomfortable.
    Please I need your mutual support to keep the light shining and come to my Aid.

    My requirements are;

    balls, Jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, Boots,
    Pullover, Hose.

    Beebs, Cones, pallet Cones, Cope Ladder, Skipping Rope etc*

    I’ll be grateful and glad, if you consider our requirements as a support to younger star player’s.
    Thank You.

    Stay Safe!

    Best regards.

    +2349092284280 – WhatsApp.

  8. Ssekibuule William
    Ssekibuule William says:

    My name is Ssekibuule William from Uganda the pearl of Africa and I am football fan. I supported Everton since I was 7 years old and my friends nick named me “Everton” due to limited Everton supporters here in my Uganda.

    Few years I have started football academy to help young kids to develop their football telants and also giving them support towards educational side.

    The academy was started myself dedicated to help kids in my community like Everton in the Community works because EITC inspired me to do such a project. And am planning to make it official in the name of “Everton Soccer Academy Uganda” because am so proud to be Evertonian.

    I selflessly raise money to pay for both kids footballing endeavors (tournaments, balls, boots, kits and etc) and on the educational side supporting them with books pens, writing pads pencil and more of school requirements.

    Am requesting for more support because the number of kids are increasing with few equipments and I wish you can help us with training equipments, balls, kits boots and anything you can do for us thanks.

  9. George Osoya
    George Osoya says:


    Football without Borders Kenya is happy to come across what you’re doing to support the movement of projects and development of the communities.

    We’re a community based organization using sports as a primary tool to mobilize youths in the community, using Agribusiness as our first able activities for the food security, Health and Education. The community as a higher rate of HIV infections we use life skills integrated with sports to deliver different information to reduce the rate of infection and for peace building.

    Every year we have Football 4 Agriculture league which is targeting more than 1000 youths from under (13,15,17,19) both boys and girls in the communities to be equiped with the knowledge of sustainablity (Sustainable livelihood activities) so that at least they can remain in school and to fight against school dropout by subsidizing their school related cost, buying pens and books, create employability opportunities for the youths through starting their own small businesses.

    We request to know more about your donation support to other organizations, the requirements so that we can apply to help us in continuing in supporting the communities.

    We’ll appreciate to be supported by your organization this year that we have a lot of challenges, problem owing to Covid-19 which make us lack equipments for the upcoming Football 4 Agriculture league.
    Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon

    Follow us all sites:





    Best regards

    Executive director
    Football Without Borders Kenya
    George Osoya


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