Yet again (after six years of visiting) Derrick came away totally inspired and in awe of the fantastic work carried out by the team at BYFC.  The Footy Camp project is absolutely brilliant and the 60 kids have an awesome time.  However, as we think most of you know, the project is about so much more than this, and Peter and his team, work incredibly hard to mentor all of the boys and build lasting relationships which go way beyond the 5 days of the footy camp. 

This year Bean, who is a true larger than life character, ran the camp which allowed Peter to take more of a back seat role.  He did a fantastic job and he also works as one of the youth workers at the BYFC drop in centre full time.

As ever, we all went back to the centre afterwards and it allowed Janet, Dom, Kevin, Steve, Lesley and Robert to see the value of the BYFC work.  Peter has secured the funding for the redevelopment of the centre and work is due to start later this year. By the time we go back next year it should be looking good and it will open up a whole new world for the kids in Ballysillan to attend more activities in a much better environment.

We at KitAid are so glad we found Ballysillan YFC and as much as we try to put into words the value and brilliance of their work, we believe you have to go out and see it to really understand it.  If you get the chance you really should join us next year and we're sure all of the guys who came with us will echo this.  

We spent an interesting afternoon last Sunday at this annual event where 3,000+ fans mingled with the players. 

We collected a decent amount of kit and made quite a few contacts which will result in later donations. 

One positive contact which came out of the afternoon was that Watford Ladies FC are keen to work with us and I am arranging a date for us to hold a collection at one of their future games.  Thanks to Sean, Niel and Nick (plus wife and daughter) for helping out on the day. 

Next time I will ask not to be stationed next to the mixing desk and PA system as I am still deaf in one ear!

Many thanks to the hardy team from Affinity Water who took part in this event and ran in KitAid branded t-shirts.  There are some good photos on twitter (@kitaid) and FB sites if you haven’t already seen them. 

Special thanks to Imran who thought the race was just 5k and it would be split between all 5 runners, only to find out on the night that he had to run the full distance himself! They were some of the very last runners to appear on the track before it was taken up and replaced.

The kit collection was launched a couple of weeks ago and will run all through August.  Last time they collected approx. 600 shirts and we've already seen a photo on twitter with donated shirts hanging off the special washing line they have created.  If you are in Manchester and haven’t been to the museum do pay them a visit