After a three month break and with the easing of “lockdown” across the country, KitAid has decided to re-start kit collections. We have contacted all of our volunteer Regional Co-ordinators and they are all happy to receive and collect kit donations, as long as safe practices are followed. This is great news.

We would therefore ask that when donating kit

• Government guidelines are followed
• A safe distance is maintained
• Gloves and a face mask are worn
• Kit is washed (if possible)

These are intended to protect our volunteers and you, as we wish to act responsibly to everyone.

Thank you for your support.

1. Why did you decide to accept the invitation to become our very first Ambassador?

It had always been a dream of mine to become ever more active with helping in Africa, I have supported F.O.M.O (Friends of Mulanje Orphans) over the years, with collecting items, inc: education resource’s & using my network to get businesses, the public to support and making personal donations.

Consequently, I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to become KitAid’s Ambassador and by accepting the role in being an ambassador to KitAid, it has been a further blessing to be able to define my role and clarify to a wider audience the huge impact that we can all make to assist where help is needed the most.


2. What appeals to you most about KitAid?

I’m totally in love with how KitAid provides hope, joy and breaks down barriers to make a huge difference in the lives of others. Particularly, in the pursuit of achieving dreams. I believe everyone has a purpose and the help from the KitAid community in the provision of kits, to assist in goals, towards one’s dreams, is such a beautiful way to give joy and see the light at the end of a tunnel. We all face struggles of some nature and it is imperative to support others who face inequality and disadvantaged circumstances. I know through my own personal struggles the value of having much needed support in my life, also when i began my career and even to this present day, the value of having a support network is a real treasure. I believe we are all equal in the eyes of God, so to come together to bridge the gap in whichever ways we can is very much needed!

It is the love that is shared, which builds the bridge towards a better world and future for all of humanity.


3, Which other charities have you worked with?

F.O.M.O, Prince’s Trust, S.E.E.D/Breathe, Bliss Special Baby Care Charity, British Red Cross, Malaria No More (UK), Amnesty International, John Bury Trust, Smile, ICAHD, Action Aid, (Sharp)-Action On Addiction, Rethink Mental illness, JDRF (Diabetes), and East Lancashire Hospice (Starlight).


4. What are you most looking forward to in terms of supporting KitAid?

I’m really looking forward to getting more hands on, whether that be in terms of joining in the boxing up sessions,public events to increase further awareness and participating/engaging in a variety of projects to assist in empowering & aiding in the fueling and motivating others in their journey… I’m really excited for what is to come and despite the current situation we are all facing, I believe there is/will be new ways additionally and of course integrating the use of social media.


5. How have you found things so far, even though it has only been for a short period?

I’m thoroughly enjoying my role and involvement with KitAid, although short, it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to meet with Derrick and Janet, who share the same passions as I and I look very much forward to meeting the rest of the team also!

Furthermore by being able to create more awareness through new and varied publications and using my social media platforms to highlight the incredible work that KitAid do. I’m truly grateful.


About Mary HD!


6. You have such a varied career, how did you get into modelling, acting and singing?

Yes, a bit of an all rounder..They all seem to overlap one another really, even in the unfolding of my journey.

I got scouted to be a model when I was just 12 years old in Manchester, with my mum- However, it was later on, when my height increased that bit further and I’d finished school, that I joined model agencies on a full-time basis and commenced upon my modelling career…

Although I had studied Drama, it was through my network of modelling, that led to my acting roles, as they also had casting divisions for acting. Similarly, to my music path, it interwoven in the network, whereby, Fred Jerkins (Darkchild Entertainment) in the US, contacted me, as he found my info though my website and saw that I wrote music,after reading my biography. Then I started recording my music from then onward, so this is what got the ball rolling with my music career initially and I continued on from there..


7. What has been the highlight of each one?

Well, looking at a highlight for all 3 routes, I would say they collectively combine in my perspective, which is possibly overlooked at, on the surface… Since they all aid in personal growth, confidence, self-belief and resilience. Moreover, knowing how to deal with one’s emotions in a positive way and using Self-expression. By expressing, it assist’s in giving a voice to those that may not ‘feel’ they have one. We all have a voice. It is very important to empower people to use it. You can have talent and work hard, then get opportunities, but then what it is used for is crucially important.

Music, I believe, essentially unites people and can be immensely therapeutic, healing and empowering, when used in a positive manner. Consequently, the way I view it, whether it is Fashion, Music, TV or Film, it can be used as a way to share a story/narrative/dialogue, that can make a positive impact to make a difference for a better world for us all.

Additionally, all the wonderfully unique & special people that I have met through the journey and being able to travel throughout the beautiful world.


8. Which country would you most like to visit and why?

Malawi, because I feel it would be way more impactful being there physically in person. I really hope to be able to do so in the future!!
It didn’t happen back in 2009 and I then went on to Palestine. It came round full circle and at the beginning of this year, I was trying again to make it happen..Then lockdown,. I really hope and pray to go in the future!!


9. What is your favourite meal?

Tortellini alla crema and warm chocolate brownie-with either raspberries/strawberries and cream 🙂

10 Other than one of your own songs, what would you sing as your Karaoke floor filler!

Faith by George Michael (RIP)


11. Which football team do you support?

I don’t have a ‘one’ favourite football team that I support…However, I do support ALL those that support KitAid! 😀 The ones that help the most will surely be in the top of Mary’s League!!! 🙂


12. Once we are free from Covid-19, what will you do first (that you cannot currently do?)

Get more involved with KitAid projects in person! Travel furthermore! & go to a Spa! 🙂

We are delighted to launch our new Annual Review for 2019 which is available to read via the following link.

The Annual Review is a labour of love as all of the stories have to be researched, written and proof read before it can be sent to our designer. Carole Parsons, our designer is a long term supporter of KitAid and although she has now retired, she still finds time to do our work free of charge. We are incredibly grateful to her and she does a fantastic job in bringing pages of words to life.

Please share the document as we are keen that as many people as possible get a chance to read the stories.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to KitAid’s success in 2019 and we hope you enjoy reading the Annual Review.

In view of the current situation KitAid has taken the decision to suspend kit collections by our Regional Co-ordinators until further notice.

If you have kit to donate that cannot be posted we would be extremely grateful if you could hold on to it until we are in a position to receive donations again.

We are extremely grateful for your support and wish you well in this difficult time.

Please follow our updates on @kitaid Twitter and via KitAid Charity on Facebook.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.


Our storeroom facility at Affinity Water’s Head Office in HATFIELD is temporarily FULL.

We can accept postal packages but NOT boxes by courier delivery until after 6 April. In the meantime, we can store donations at our container in Hemel Hempstead, but this is on an unmanned site, so an appointment on a Friday or Monday will have to be made ahead of the delivery. If this is the case please email so that arrangements can be made.

Many thanks for your patience until 6 April 2020.

KitAid Founder, Derrick Williams MBE and Trustee, Janet Neville, met up with our new Ambassador, Mary HD and her publicist Lorraine Worsley Carter MBE DL in Manchester recently.

It was an excellent meeting with lots of discussion about how Mary HD can promote KitAid to her followers from the music and fashion world. Lorraine, who runs the Countess Publicist agency is representing Mary but has a strong interest in our work and is happy to support KitAid as well.

For more information about Mary HD you can find her on all social media sites and there is also a profile on our website. We are really pleased to be working with Maryand we look forward to reaching out to an audience who would not otherwise know about KitAid.

A perfect partnership and one which will flourish over the coming years.

The new Thank You certificates are now back from our printers and ready to hand out to everyone who supports KitAid in 2020.

They look great and even better when framed and hanging with pride on a clubhouse or school wall. To become a member of this exclusive club simply donate a decent amount of kit or go that extra mile to support our work.

We would like to thank our designer, Carole Parsons, for her work, but also for taking on the job while on holiday in New Zealand.

To any Regional Helpers who have not yet received your batch of certificates in the post, please let us know.

It was with great sadness that we recently learned of the passing of 15 year old Tikhale Nalolo, a FOMO netball player, and of Karen Childs, a KitAid supporter.

We sponsored the trophies for a special memorial tournament organised by FOMO Committee members in honour of Tikhale. Karen was also remembered at the event, which was fitting as she loved Africa.

Congratulations to Nsuwazi FC, who won the football tournament, and to the brilliant FOMO Sisters who won the netball final. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Tikhale’s family next Monday (3rd February).

We would like to say a massive thank you to Phil Sharpe for a fantastic donation of full referee kits for our friends from FOMO Malawi. The referees often get overlooked and it is hard to provide them with proper kit.

Phil has gone above and beyond by providing referee shirts, shorts and socks as well as the latest Rule books, whistles, cards and sets of linesman flags. Richard Shumba one of the referees based in Mulanje said he is overjoyed and cannot wait to run out in proper kit. Photos will follow once the kit has found its way to Malawi in a few months time.

Some of you will know Phil through his work at Hertfordshire FA, but not everyone will be aware that he received the highest accolade possible in his career as a linesman, by being chosen to run the line in the 2002 World Cup Final in Japan. Thanks Phil, we all appreciate your kind support.