January has been another really busy month with a staggering amount of kit coming our way, which is exactly what we like as we head for the millionth item.  Here are the monthly figures


10,710 items of kit sent out in January 2023

944,607 items of kit donated since 1998

55,393 items still to donate to reach 1 Million.


Here are the highlights for January


Welcome/ Kilimanjaro climb

A very warm welcome to Ian and Keith, our newest Regional Co-ordinators for Royston and Great Missenden.

Both Ian and Keith completed the incredibly daunting task of making it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after months of training and some pretty scary experiences.  I met them both late last year to hand over kit to take out for schools, orphanages and teams in Moshi, Tanzania. They did so before their climb and took some wonderful photos, which have been really well received on our sites. Articles are also going to appear in the Watford FC matchday programme, the Watford Observer and a supporter magazine.

Well done both and we are delighted to have converted you to KitAid supporters!


25th Anniversary Celebration

Over recent weeks work has started on finding a suitable venue for our big celebration later this year.  Thanks to Barry F for helping me either look at or to review a number of different options. We have chosen our preferred venue, which we think you will all like, but need to hold back on an official announcement as it is dependent on us receiving sponsorship. Please keep Friday 8 September free in your diary and, once we have agreed sponsorship, we can announce the venue.


25for25 Fund Raiser

You may remember I mentioned this idea a few months ago and we are looking for as many supporters as possible to take part in this challenge. The challenge is of your choice, but it simply has to involve completing 25 of something and getting sponsorship, or just making  a donation.

A few examples –  completing 25 lengths of your swimming pool, running 25 miles over 25 days, abstaining from alcohol/chocolate for 25 days….. You can decide on the challenge and we have created a special “25for25” Just Giving page which you can link up to.

You will receive a special certificate, and we can feature your challenge on the website/social media sites if you wish.

Matt Tutton is looking to launch the challenge by running around the pitch at Hitchin Town 25 times before a game. Lets hope he finishes before 3pm!

Please support this as not only do we need the funds but it could be a great PR opportunity. Please let me know if you would like to take up a”25for25” challenge.


San Marino FA

I had a Teams call with the above, after quite a few emails which seemed to get lost in translation, but we are finally making headway!

You may be aware that San Marino is one of the smallest footballing nations, with only three full time professionals, and not surprisingly, they are also one of the least successful. I may be wrong but I am not sure if they have ever won a game? However, their supporters are wonderful and they have collected shirts which they want to donate to KitAid. San Marino FA also want to donate a full National team kit.

We are discussing the best way of getting the kit to us and once it is received we will arrange to ship it out to Malawi and form a new team, which will be called San Marino Malawi FC!!


Netball kits

We are conscious that most of the girls who play netball in Malawi do not have proper kits and mostly play in t-shirts and shorts. We have built a really good relationship with Hertfordshire Netball and with Sally Whittle who also sits within England Netball. Last Saturday we attended the East of England Schools Netball tournament and collected a number of kits and training wear. This coming weekend we will also attend the Hertfordshire League meeting which is run over two days.

Thanks to Mark S who joined me at a very cold Welwyn Garden City outside netball arena and to those who will also do the same this coming weekend.  The girls will really appreciate our efforts and it is only fair that they should wear proper kit as they are competing against other teams who are properly dressed.


Thank You certificates/Annual Review 22/23

All Regional Co-ordinators should have received a package of certificates, either by post or in person.  If you haven’t, please let me know and I will get some to you.

I will soon start work writing the new Annual Review and if you have any ideas or thoughts on what you would like to see included, please email me. It is a labour of love and it does take quite a few drafts to get it to print, so please bear with me and keep using the current AR until it is ready.


KitAid Calendar 2023

Hallelujah, they eventually arrived!!

This was a surprise as we did think the company had gone out of business and those who ordered early would be let down.  Thankfully they arrived a couple of weeks ago, although it remains to be seen if we will receive our share of the sales. As we acted quickly and advised people not to order we have lost out on a useful fundraising opportunity, but at least they arrived before 2024!


The journey of a shirt

We often discuss the journey an individual shirt or kit makes before it arrives at its destination.  This morning I handed over some kit to a guy from Ghana who was determined to support his project and his community. I wrongly assumed he was collecting the kit by car and he was coming from Hounslow, near Heathrow airport, so not really that far.  He caught a bus, then a train into central London, the tube to Euston, an overground train to Berkhamsted, and a taxi to the containers. Just the taxi fare to and from Berkhamsted cost him £22. He left with a suitcase jammed full of wonderful Brighton, Barnsley and Peterborough kit and he was overjoyed. He is flying out to Ghana on Saturday, will hand out the kit next week and return the following Saturday.

This is what makes all of your support and hard work so worthwhile. He was so thankful and happy and this will be replicated many times over when the kit is handed out next week.


Best wishes and thanks