Our diary is always busy but if you are able to help out with any of the following it would be much appreciated. 

  • Charlie Fidler Memorial Tournament – Hemel Hempstead, 6 July
  • Inet World Games – Preston, 19 July
  • FC United collection, Stalybridge, 6 September
  • Ricky Road Run, Chorleywood, 26 October

Please let me know if you are able to help by emailing derrick.williams@affinitywater.co.uk

Many thanks to Julian Chenery from AIG Insurance for arranging this event, which happened on Friday 13 June. I have seen press cuttings from different parts of the UK, including Devon, Cornwall and Glasgow.

Julian is in the process of collecting all the kit so we are not sure exactly how much we will receive yet.

Hopefully this will become an annual event and next year we can get even more companies involved. I have also been contacted separately by Schroders in the City, who are doing something similar for us.

Well done to Stegota FC on winning the very first KAKC final on 7 June. They beat Naaj Marine 7 – 3 and lifted a beautiful trophy which you can see on their Facebook page.

Naaj Marine are linked to Marine FC in Liverpool, who we know very well through Barry Lenton. Barry has given kit and support to Naaj which is how we managed to get the game arranged.

This will now become an annual event and I am sure Naaj will be looking for revenge, and they were hampered this year by their star striker having to sit out the game as he had a boxing match the following day!!

We recently met Rachel Yankey and at our last boxing up session it was great to meet Jordan Nobbs.

I have always wanted to develop a partnership with ALFC as they are followed all over the world and it links in with a lot of the work we do to support girls football/sports projects across Africa. Both Rachel and Jordan were lovely, really down to earth and refreshingly interested in what we do.

Again, the power of twitter showed itself as Jordan tweeted a photo we took at boxing up and this was viewed by 5,800 people, including followers in Japan, America and Germany.

If you don’t use twitter, have a look online at www.twitter.com/kitaid Thanks to Louisa for arranging the meet up and we are hoping to involve Arsenal Ladies a lot more in the future.