At a recent Trustee meeting we discussed the impossible task of how to replace Graham.

It didn’t take us long to realise that we will never find another Patron like Graham and we have decided to leave this position vacant, in some way, as a sign of respect for  what he meant to us all.

We will however, look to find Ambassadors who can show their support for KitAid in the different areas that we represent, such as youth football, girls and ladies football, Africa, South America, Asia, the Premier League, The EFL, Non League,Scottish football,etc etc.

It will take time and I really hope that whoever we invite will respond positively and go on to support us in the same way that Graham did.

If you have any suggestions as to who you think we should approach, or if you can help with the initial introduction, please let me know.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep good news quiet, but as a responsible charity, we have to recognise that potential partnerships can take a lot of discussion and they cannot be announced until the time is right and agreement has been made on both sides.

I cannot make any announcement yet but just to say we are soon to enter into a partnership with another top Premier League club and are entering into some very early discussions with a major motor manufacturer.

The former will hopefully be announced next month but I suspect the latter may take a few more months to agree a working model.

Once again though, exciting times for KitAid, a small charity that is run entirely by volunteers!