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We always ask for feedback from the charities we partner with and in most cases we receive it. Sometimes we receive an email or letter which really stands out and makes you realise the power of what we do. The following did exatly that and the fact that our shirts have probably allowed 2 boys to attend a school which they could not previously afford to do, is quite humbling. Please see the following note received by Ben (van Nes) from one of his projects.

"We greatly appreciate your contribution to facilitate our programme of empowering youth through sports in Kenya. The provission of football kit from KITAID has made our dream come true.This could not have been possible without the KITAID team that has worked tirelessly to make a difference in people`s lives. The impact of football has been felt across the whole county of Bumula in Kenya. Youth are nolonger idling around shopping centres and being involved in antisocial behaviour.

Within the last 2 years 32 youth teams have been issued with football kits in Bumula county. 2 students who had been dropped out of school for lack of fees have been admitted in two sports oriented schools with free education bursaries. Their talent was sported by school sports representatives who attended one of our annual football events. These events are used to gather communities and mostly targetting youth to alleviate idleness and antisocial behaviour by engaging and empowering them on issues of health,unemployment, identity and self worth. This is done by organising interactive workshops and video clips.

5 primary schools received football uniform and it was very exciting when whole school Activities were paralysed,all class lessons cancelled and parade assembled just to receive the uniform. They had never had any uniform since the foundation of their schools which dates back as far as 1965.(Since Independence) They always played with one team removing their shirts (topless ) during their inter- school competitions, now they cant wait for the season to beggin. All this was made possible by contribution of Kits from KITAID. This years event which takes place in August will even be bigger and better, involving nearly 20 teams across the county and other 10 different sports activities"

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