KitAid Grants for small charities

We have been holding some funds as "ringfenced" for special projects and this week we were able to let the charity partners know they had been chosen.

We decided to make the grants to small charities we know who can make the money go a long way and they will use it for projects which match our purpose.

The chosen projects were:

  • Ballysillan Belfast Football Camp £550
  • Malealea Sports Committee, Lesotho £900
  • TAFCE – The Gambia £600
  • MPiD – Uganda £600

The response from the charities has been fantastic and I think we all wish we could be Bill Gates for a day and donate much more.

KitAid is not really about fundraising and we were fortunate to receive separate donations from the Charlie Fidler Memorial Fund and Spalding Grammar School

It is nice to be able to support projects that will leave a lasting legacy

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