Manchester Utd FC

Probably one of the biggest brands in world football and a club that wouldn’t normally work with small charities like KitAid.  Well, thanks to our fantastic Patron, Graham received a call from the MUFC club secretary as their kit manager had held on to the letter Graham sent out to all 92 league clubs last year. 

Fortunately Graham knew the guy as they were both at Watford some years ago and he put in a good word for us.  Peter (Moulds) recently visited Carrington training centre and came away with 30 bin bags of training kit, followed by a further 15 boxes which they delivered to his flat last week.  Hopefully we are now on their radar and we will receive future donations as they upgrade their kit. Really looking forward to opening the bin bags to see if there any famous player kit or boots. The quality of the kit is bound to be first class and there will be some very fortunate teams soon wearing kit from one of the most popular teams in the World.

Graham’s letter has paid off as this month we have also had donations from Reading, Barnet and Carlisle.

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