Experiencing Manchester United’s Twittersphere

One of our Trustees,Julia has been persevering and after almost giving up, the PR machine at MUFC emailed out of the blue to say that they would print a story about KitAid and the kit Julia took out to Lesotho in a match day programme.

Suddenly one night last week, without any notice, our twitter site lit up, and in the space of a few hours we received hundreds of retweets and favourites. The current figure has topped 1,000.

They then put the story on to their Facebook page and in the space of a few days we received 111,000 likes.

There were comments from all over the world and we now have the Beirut branch of the MUFC supporters club following us on twitter.

If you haven’t seen the story then take a look at either our twitter page or the fb KitAid Charity page. This really demonstrate the global branding of the big clubs and the power of social media.

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