Boxing Up goes on the road

Since the last update we have held our first ever boxing up away from Hatfield and the first session of 2016.

The boxing up in Manchester went really well and it was a great learning experience.  A very big thank you to Janet (Neville) for all of the organising and to Peter (Moulds) for persuading FC United of Manchester to allow us the full run of their very impressive new ground.

We had full access to all of the rooms and we quickly found out the best way to set things out to keep the production line moving.  Altogether an impressive 70 boxes were packed and they all left the stadium with different charities plus a few that were sent to storage for later pick up.

We proved it can work and Janet is looking to hold the next session in April when FC United have an away match.  We will let you know the details but for any of our helpers north of Birmingham, it would be great to see you.

Our first session of 2016 in Hatfield went well and all 133 boxes packed are now on the way to Africa.  Our next session will be on Sat 5 March 2016, so please do reply to the recent invite sent by Claire if you haven’t already done so.

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