From Manchester to Zambia

One of the things that I really love about KitAid is the way we manage to transport kit across the world via a fascinating route of volunteers all doing their bit.  

I think the following story of just one kit donation really highlights this and I think it would make a brilliant film story.  

We received a request for kit via Herts FA from the father of a newly qualified doctor (Mike Bath) who was spending some time helping at a Salvation Army hospital in Zambia before starting his first job at a practice in Bedford.  

So the journey of a full Man Utd team kit started with it being delivered to Peter Moulds house in Sale from the club training ground in Carrington.  Janet Neville then picked up the kit and took it back to the Wirral ready for the boxing up session in May at Everton.  I then brought it back with me to Hemel Hempstead and after Watford's last home game of the season met up with Mike and his Dad in a pub car park in Chorleywood.  His Dad then arranged for DHL to transport it via Gatwick, Schipol  and then to Lusaka where it was picked up and taken to the hospital team who have started to pay in it.  They have subsequently asked if we can supply them with 15 pairs of boots, so the new journey will start in September when Ben Van Nes has kindly agreed to include them as a package within his container.

I really think this this is a fantastic individual story and shows how resourceful and committed KitAid is.  I am sure we can find hundreds of similar examples and one day, when I retire, I will follow the journey myself and make an Oscar winning film!!

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