Financial position

Finances We are very grateful to some of our supporters who have either dug deep or used their contacts to help us.

First of all, can I say a massive thank you to Mr & Mrs Andersen from Watford, who are both retired, for a wonderful donation of £500. We really appreciate it.

Also another big thank you to Trevor Dunnett and Affinity Water, who together with our Treasurer, Sean McGuigan, negotiated a new insurance policy, which means that we can finally utilise money that we have previously had to hold in abeyance.

We are not yet completely out of the woods, but we are not in the precarious position we were before Christmas, when we were down to the last possible amount of resources we could utilise.

We have produced a great Grant Application document which we hope will generate some financial support to ensure we can continue to grow. I posted a link to the report on FB and Twitter, so please do take the time to read it as the testimonials about our work are very rewarding. As I mentioned earlier, we are not yet completely out of the woods, so if you can help us then please do.

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