Graham Taylor OBE

The 12th of January, 2017 is a date I will never forget and I know that everyone is still shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of Graham, our fantastic Patron for so many years.

So much has been written and said by so many about what a wonderful man he was and I know many of you who attended our celebration dinners and events, saw this at first hand.  Graham is irreplaceable and we are still coming to terms with the shocking news of his passing.

I hope that you have all seen the tribute to Graham on the KitAid web site, along with the the other tribute stories we posted on Facebook and Twitter.  I also gave a radio interview on BBC Three Counties explaining the charity support side of Graham’s life and work.

I was also honored to represent KitAid at the funeral service last week, which was attended by over 400 of the most respected footballers, managers, media and family friends.

It was a truly moving service but one which highlited what an honorable and caring person he was.  I find it hard to say much more than we have already said, and I know that everyone involved with KitAid, here at home and overseas, all feel the same. We will miss him so much and we can now reflect on how lucky we were to have him as our Patron.

Rest in peace Graham, and from all 391,760 kit recipients that you have helped, THANK YOU.


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