KitAid Malawi Supporters Trip 2019

A group of eight KitAid supporters, which included two experienced coaches from Liverpool County FA, headed out to Mulanje in South East Malawi, for a week in early August. This was our second trip to visit our close partner, FOMO Malawi, and our very good friends Mary and Keith Woodworth.

It was another excellent trip with the group witnessing at first hand the power of kit, in giving the FOMO supported teams proper kit and the chance to express themselves through sport. We attended the brilliant Football and Netball Bonanza tournament which KitAid sponsored, and saw the new full size metal goal posts being used, which we also sponsored.

Stu Carrington and David Pugh from Liverpool FA (LCFA)did a brilliant job coaching the FOMO FC first and reserve teams, and by the end of the week the lads were able to run their own coaching sessions. LCFA will now continue to support the teams with coaching material, equipment and hopefully a further visit next year.

The supporters had a life enhancing experience visiting many of the FOMO run orphan support centres, the FOMO School, Medical Centre, Nurseries and even the FOMO driving school. It was a superb trip and we are eternally grateful to FOMO Malawi for sharing the benefits of our partnership and taking such good care of everyone.

Very many thanks from Fran Dommett, Pamela Johnson, Susan Howie, Lee Seacombe, Thomas Enright, Stu Carrington, David Pugh and Derrick Williams.

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