KitAid Monthly Update – March 2024

March was a busy month for KitAid with some significant events and with some really big kit donations arriving. Here are the latest totals and the latest news stories.

Total items donated in March – 6,860
Total items donated in 2024 – 17,515
Total items donated since 1998 – 1,044,963


London Stadium Walk

A massive congratulations and thank you to Chris Turton and James Richings on completing the 3 day, 68 mile walk from the Emirates Stadium to the Bobby Moore statue in 148,000 steps!

They completed the challenge and so far have raised £1,552 for KitAid, which is an incredible achievement.

They even managed to get pitch side at most of the stadiums for a photo with the banner after explaining what the challenge was for. James “popped” a muscle in his foot on the final day and he had to hobble from Loftus Road to Wembley after being bandaged up by Chris. I met them at the Bobby Moore statue with a bottle of bubbly and a trophy along with Chris’s Dad and James’ wife and Mum.

They met all of the accommodation, travel and food costs themselves and their Just Giving page is still open for a few more weeks, See


International Sports Convention – London

We attended this two day gathering at the Spurs stadium and were honoured to be the chosen charity for the event. A very big thank you to Nigel Fletcher and his team for making us so welcome.

It was a fantastic opportunity to network with many different sporting delegates and we were given our own stand to meet people and display pictures and material. We met a lot of interested parties from a multitude of different sports to share the KitAid story with. We have built new contacts and can now follow up with some to strengthen our relationship.

All in all it was a great experience which can only benefit our work and reputation.


Social Media sites

Ben W has been helping me with our social media output and his skills have certainly boosted the content since he got involved. He has created some wonderful videos and set up a new LinkedIn site and YouTube Channel.

He has created the following link to all of our sites, see

The YouTube link is great as he has created a library of all of our film clips, many of which I suspect you will not have seen before. The LinkedIn site proved incredibly valuable at the ISC event as most people used it as their preferred communication tool.

Very many thanks Ben and if you currently do not follow us on X/Instagram/FB or LinkedIn please do as there are updates and film clips nearly every day.


FC United of Manchester collection

Ambassador Club, FC United of Manchester, will be hosting a kit collection for us at their match on Saturday 13 April.

Thanks to Regional Coordinator Peter M for arranging this and if you would like to join us on the day to help, please let me know. It is a great experience and the fans create a great experience regardless of how things are going for them on the pitch!


Fafali Golf visit

It is a few months away but in August there will be a visit from 5 young golfers from the Fafali Golf project in Accra, Ghana.

You may already know the story of how by chance they discovered that Afi Amazedo was a highly talented golfer, despite none of the children ever having played golf before. Afi will be competing in the World Junior Championship in Scotland in July and she will then be joined by 4 of her team in August when they visit Watford. We are looking to enter them into as many Junior Tournaments across Hertfordshire in August and so far Ian D has kindly arranged for them to take part in the Knebworth and Royston events. KitAid will also sponsor them for another.

We will be looking for help in driving them to and from events if you are in the area and free to help.


KitAid USA!

Although still in its very early stages we have started discussions on the possibility of setting up a satellite version of KitAid across the pond.

In the same way that KitAid Australia exists, it will run entirely independently but use the same/adapted model. We already have a partnership with the charity Sports Friend, who operate in the USA and the UK, and they have introduced us to MAI, who are keen to partner with us.

I think this proves how the KitAid model works as it is simple but effective.


Hatfield Boxing Up

We are hoping to hold another boxing up session in late April once the storeroom fills up. It is currently half full and we are looking to move some kit from the containers in Hemel Hempstead to clear space there and to fill up the room. If you know anyone who has a van we can use and/or, you are free to help in the next couple of weeks, please let me know.


I think that is everything, other than thanking you all for your support of KitAid and wishing you a wonderful April.

Many thanks

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