Somalia School for Deaf Children

Wwe received some great photos of Cardiff City kit being used by boys at the Somalia School for Dead Children.  Ismail who collected the kit from us sent us a fantastic note, please find an extract below:

"We were informed that no team plays with the deaf team. Our colleague hired an AstroTurf and arranged matches with other groups.

They enjoyed Man U & Cardif City kits and proudly held their heads high.

The smiles, excitement and joy on their faces no one could describe, he says. Our colleague's time as you might imagined was laughter in one minute and tears on his eyes in the other.

They also acknowledged someone in the other side of the world cares and showed appreciation and thankfulness through their teachers and heads. He says ''this is the best thing I have ever done in my life''

I hope this inspires you and tells the story of KitAid. As we always say it really  is more than just a shirt.

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