Boxing up in the North West

Our first ever boxing up session outside of Hatfield is now planned for Sat 28 November in Manchester.  We are really excited about this and thanks very much to Janet and Peter for making this happen. 

Peter, through his contacts at FC United of Manchester, has arranged for us to be given access to a large room in their brand new stadium at Broadhurst Park.  We are really pleased that we have finally made this happen as we have always thought it would be great to have another boxing up option which other Regional helpers can attend without having to drive all the way down to Hatfield. 

It is also daft that we often transport the kit down here when it can easily be sorted and handed over to charities in the region.  Next on the agenda is a Midlands boxing up for our friends in Birmingham, Leicester, Burton etc.

If you'd like to get involved please contact Derrick Williams at 

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