KitAid Grants

You may be aware that we have a policy of considering grant application requests for amounts of circa £1,000 when our funds allow.  We have worked with the Malalo Sports Foundation in Zambia for a number of years and at our Trustee meeting in January agreed to consider their latest grant request. 

The project will cover three distinct areas,

  • Clearing land for 2 football pitches, 2 Volleyball courts and 2 Netball courts
  • Purchase of sports equipment
  • Health Education and Football Coaching courses with the aim of re-integrating some young people who have dropped out of school via scholarships.

We will receive regular feedback as the project progresses and will release the funds in 2 separate transactions.

We also agreed to continue our sponsorship of the brilliant Ballysillan YFC Football Camp in Belfast for a further year.

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