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KitAid Monthly Update – November 2022

November was another really busy month with kit either leaving or arriving at the containers most days.  Here are the monthly totals   Total items sent in November  –  13,850 Total items sent so far in 2022 –  106,130 Total items sent since 1998      –  927,082   Countries supported – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, South […]

KitAid Monthly Update – October 2022

Most months are busy for KitAid but October has been off the scale in terms of the amount of kit donated and received. Here are the latest totals Total amount of kit donated in October         20,825 items Total amount of kit donated in 2022               92,280 items […]

KitAid Monthly Update – August 2022

August was a really busy month at the containers, and we are now back to two of them again, which saves us £162 per month.  Here are the latest despatch figues. 11,690 items of kit donated in August 68.830 items of kit donated in 2022 889,782 items of kit donated since 1998 We are getting close […]

KitAid – Do Not Scratch Your Eyes podcast interview

Many thanks to the guys from the Watford fan podcast, DNSYE, for allowing me to spend 40 plus minutes sharing the history of KitAid. It is great to be given so much airtime as most radio interviews tend to be no longer than 10 to 15 minutes. We covered a lot and the feedback has […]

KitAid Update – June/July 2022

June and July have both been extremely busy for KitAid, with a lot of kit coming in and going out.  Here are the totals for each month.   June  –                                          6,020 items donated July  –    […]

KitAid Monthly Update – May 2022

As the season has now come to an end I hope your teams met your hopes and if not, it is only a few weeks away, for you to dream again! May has been a really good month in terms of raising our profile as well as sending out and receiving kit.  Here are the […]

KitAid Monthly Update – March 2022

March was a good month for KitAid with our first full boxing up session for over two years and some helpful publicity. Before sharing the highlights I would like to welcome our new Regional Co-ordinators to the team, Chris Blakeley from Carterton and Naomi Owen from Stoke on Trent. Monthly totals Total items sent out […]

New 2021 Annual Review

We are delighted to share the new KitAid Annual Review which is full of heartwarming stories capturing our successes in 2021. To read the Annual Review please use the following link. 2021 Annual Review Printed glossy copies are also available on request. Thank you to our designer, Carole Parsons, for ongoing support despite the fact […]

First full Boxing Up session

After two very long years we were delighted to hold our first full boxing up session at Hatfield on 12 March with 25 of our volunteers. To make this landmark even more special we were delighted to welcome the cameras from Premier League TV who were making a short film about the journey of a […]