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Nissan Partnership

12 October

Nissan Partnership

The partnership was officially launched in mid September and there are now 15 dealerships across the south of England, and one in Manchester, acting as drop off points for kit. 

Each dealership is promoting the collection to customers and clubs they have links with and Nissan, as a Champions League main sponsor, have included a prize draw for tickets as a promotion.  Whenever anyone drops off kit they are given registration details which they can enter online and some lucky donors will receive tickets to a game.  All of the kit is being collected and taken to a central base in Lutterworth, which we will then collect once the pilot ends on 31 October.  If you have kit that you would like to offload and there is a Nissan dealer close to you, this might be an option for you.

In addition to the ticket offer, Nissan have also been really generous and given KitAid a flag bearer opportunity at the Chelsea v AS Roma game on 18 October.  They asked us to find a club and six young players who could represent Nissan/KitAid with the centre circle flag.  We chose Hemel Aces FC as they have supported us for many years and we owe them quite a few favours.  If you are watching the game then look out for the boys/girls as they appear on tv across Europe!

Very many thanks to Ayo from Nissan who instigated this partnership and has seen it all the way from conception to delivery.